If you have a natural tooth compromised by infection or injury, you may believe that extraction is your only solution. However, many compromised teeth can be saved by endodontic treatments such as root canals or other more complex procedures. Endodontic practice groups across the nation will be celebrating Save Your Tooth Month in May. The event is sponsored by the American Association of Endodontists and is aimed at making people aware of their endodontic treatment options.

Save Your Tooth MonthHow Endodontic Treatment Can Save Your Teeth

Endodontic treatment can save natural teeth that might otherwise face extraction. Endodontists are well qualified to save your natural teeth because:

  • They receive two extra years of specialty training after receiving their degree as a dentist.
  • They learn how to perform root canals, apicoectomies, and other endodontic treatments.
  • They focus their practice exclusively on endodontic treatment, performing as many as 25 root canals per week.
  • They use techniques and special tools that are especially effective at saving natural teeth.
  • They work closely with general dentists, so it is easy to get a consultation and referral if your tooth needs endodontic treatment to preserve it.

“Endodontists’ combination of advanced training, access to unique tools and techniques, and the frequency with which we deal with root canals and other forms of endodontic treatment provide our patients with comfort and peace of mind,” says Dr. Allen, who practices with the Phoenix Endodontic Group.